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5 Mistakes Every Buyer Should Avoid During Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that you can ever make.

However, before moving into your new home, hire professionals for home inspection services in San Antonio, TX to get an in-detailed assessment of the property.

Although the home inspector runs the whole show, many buyers often fall victim to several expensive blunders during the process that costs them time, money, and undue strain

Here are 5 common mistakes that every new buyer should avoid during the home inspection process:

1. Not hiring a reliable home inspector

Hiring reliable home inspectors is a no-brainer investment that helps you find hidden problems in the property.

We all love to save a few extra bucks.

However, many first-time homebuyers often overlook the importance of hiring professional services.

Do note that not all the inspectors are equally skilled and professional. Hiring any random home inspector can be catastrophic for a buyer and could result in making a poor real estate investment.


Follow a few steps to ensure you work with a professionally skilled inspector:

  • Ask for credentials
  • Review previous works
  • Ask your friends for recommendations
  • Request a quote from multiple inspectors
  • Find out what is (and what isn’t) included in the home inspection

Your home is one of the significant investments in your life. Therefore, avoid hiring a home inspector off the street.

2. Being absent during the home inspection

Buyers who don’t attend their home’s on-site inspection miss the chance to find out hidden faults, ask questions, and other property recommendations.

Simply trusting your home inspector and reading the inspection report isn’t enough to get the full picture of your new home.


Take out some time and attend the home inspection. This will allow you to ask relevant and prompt questions about the property.

3. Not reading the reports

Yeah, it can be tempting to just take a quick glance at the long inspection reports. However, the buyers who skim over the reports often miss significant information. For instance, ignoring safety concerns could cost you a significant loss in the future.

home inspection


Read over the inspection report carefully to address the concerns. While reading the report, ask questions to make sure the home is in good condition when you decide to purchase.

Do remember, you have a limited time to request repairs, so don’t blow away your inspection report.

4. Not asking questions

Many buyers avoid asking questions even if they have found any issues while taking a tour of a new house. They may rely more on the technical report than the home inspector.

home inspection


Don’t feel embarrassed or shy about asking what is bothering you. Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • Is this fault major or minor?
  • How to fix this fault?
  • Can you explain this to me?
  • Does it require immediate repairs?
  • Should I call a professional to fix this problem?

Above all, point out anything that you may find wrong and discuss issues that may come up during the home inspection.

5. Not taking suggestions seriously

Professional advice is important when making such a big investment.

However, many buyers don’t take home inspection seriously and often turn a deaf ear to any suggestions.

This may give rise to potential problems that could cost them time and money.


During the home inspection, carefully listen to the home inspector’s clues and advice.

For instance, if you hear the word  “rotten wood”, it means your inspector is talking about damaged doors,

Pay attention when the home inspector points out important things, such as the heating and air conditioning, electrical wires, switchboards, malfunctions, and repairs.

Listening to your home inspector will save you from headaches and will assure you peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Home inspections are important to avoid any unpleasant surprises or potential problems in your new home.

However, you can boost its effectiveness and protect your investment by avoiding these common mistakes.

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