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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid A Home Inspection?

Everyone wants to own a home but there is a lot of struggle that goes into finally signing the deal!  I’m sure there are many readers out there nodding in agreement.  

However, one thing most of them must have realized, sooner or later, is the need to have a home inspection!  

Of course, it is a costly affair costing you an average of $350-$375 or maybe even more; it all depends on the exact location and property size in San Antonio, Texas.

Here, we are sharing five good reasons why prospective buyers must contact a certified home inspector in San Antonio, Tx.  We are more the certified, we are Professionally Licensed! Actually, a certified inspector and a licensed inspector can NOT work independently. We are 100% independent; your professionally licensed home inspector in San Antonio.

1. Understand The Condition Of A Home

A quality home inspection discloses important information regarding the condition of the property.  This includes repairs and maintenance that may require immediate attention and save you from spending thousands of dollars later.

A home inspector can help you detect the common safety issues including

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Heating/cooling system defects
  • Potential environmental problems 
  • Worn, outdated or Faulty wiring systems
  • Improperly installed and aged Roof problems 
  • Plumbing issues- leaking problematic systems
  • Inadequate ventilation and insulation in the attic
  • Minor structural damage such as broken trusses
  • Growth due to cracks in the walls or floor. 
  • Presence of harmful conditions
  • Poor drainage, blocked roof gutters, water leakage, etc 

Do not make a hasty call; get all the facts to make a decision you’re proud of.

2. Reveal Unauthorized Installations Or Additions

A detailed home inspection reveals whether or not, the altered basements, garages, and rooms were built following local building codes. Also, such a building violation affects the usability, taxes, insurance and overall property value. We are not code or municipality inspectors, we follow the TREC SOP.

3. Smart Negotiating Tool

A home inspection report presents you with the best opportunity to negotiate on the actual deal. You can ask for a price reduction in lieu of the property damage reported.  Discuss the situation with your realtor to weigh the various possibilities to grab the best deal.

4. Future Costs

Home Inspection cannot always determine the actual age of essential systems in the home like a water heater, heating, and cooling unit, plumbing, sewerage system, and other critical equipment. Sometimes information and or dataplate information may or may not be present. We try to assess a provide the most accurate condition of the home and it’s components.

All components have a shelf-life and requires expectation for replacement, the inspector can identify the present condition of the structure and help you make the important budgeting decisions.

Many residences are at risk of problems when buying older homes that have been updated or flipped. An older home can come with it’s package of issues solely due to it’s age. It becomes more when poor workmanship is the evident.

5. Deal-Breakers

Home inspections help the buyers to identify the deficiencies , items in need of repair, in good working order to make a sound decision based on the condition of the home. It is considered a visual no invasive inspection. 

If you do not want to handle the issues including faulty gutters, cracked walls or ceilings, broken doors or windows, you are not ready to put an end to your home buying search.


Do not go by the cover page of the book.  Direct your efforts to uncover the facts about your preferred real estate property that may help you make a decisive call. 

Home inspections can be very useful in getting to know the real value of the property. If you’re not sure how to go about home inspections, seek professional guidance at  210-836-7551 is a step worth taking.  Or visit our Important information about home inspections www.davidinspector.com

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