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5 Smart Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Home selling isn’t as smooth as getting a deal. For sellers, the home inspection is like an examination wherein people visit your home and look into every corner to rate you.

They check closets, turn on every nozzle, flush toilets, and get into every tiny detail of your home. You need to assure your potential buyers that your home not just looks great when advertised,  but is also in a condition worth buying.

Your challenge is to be calm, and accommodating while home inspectors from San Antonio, TX scrutinize your home.

Here are 5 smart home inspection tips for sellers to get one step closer to selling your home:

1.   Minor Repairs

It is important to know what exactly a home inspector from the buyer side will look for. So, prepare yourself accordingly. The home inspector will not just tell the actual worth of your house but will highlight potential problems in your house.

Schedule repairs in advance for any known items before the date of the inspection. Even minor issues can show up on the home inspection report. So, do not overlook the long-pending home repairs.

2. Clean up every room

Someone rightly said,” The First Impression is the Last Impression”. If a home inspector finds your home cluttered and in a bad shape, he may get the impression that you’re not concerned about your house maintenance.

So, thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your house including the backyard to give just the right impression.

3.  Utilities In Working Condition

Make sure that all utilities are functional. In case your utilities are turned off, the home inspector will not be able to tell your house buyer about plumbing or electrical systems.

And in case you have an edgy buyer, this can be enough to cause him to walk away.

Having working utilities (gas, water, electricity) will save you time during the home inspection. The home inspector will test appliances, electric stove, boiler, and air conditioner.

4. Complete Paperwork

Transparency in any deal is very important. Before the home inspection,  hand over all the invoices for renovations, maintenance, and repairs you’ve done on your home.

This will be helpful for the inspector to know about the recent home updates.  This also brings a lot of advantages to buyers as they will not have to plan any home improvement for a couple of years.

5. Be Gracious

It may seem odd to leave your home with the inspector, but standing over the inspector’s shoulder is not going to help either unless asked.

If you are there all the time, the home inspector might not be able to do a thorough assessment. Give the home inspector enough time and space to do his job.

Final Words

While these tips are important, the most important thing is to hire a home inspector yourself to prepare the house for selling. This will help you find the best deal in the market.

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