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What Should Be In Your Home Inspection Checklist?

Buying your dream house may call for a celebration, but you’re not done just yet.  Probably, you may have to face dozens of repairs before shifting in your new home.  Hire a home inspection company in San, Antonio, TX to ensure your new castle is free from annoying issues. Here’s a home inspection checklist for […] [...]

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What Makes A Good Home Inspector? 5 Key Traits

A home inspector is one of your greatest allies in the real estate transaction. A professional home inspector in San Antonio, TX makes sure that the house you’re about to shift is worth every penny invested. Request for an estimate now! To avoid all the hassles that come along with buying or even selling your […] [...]

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5 Compelling Reasons Why you Need a Home Inspection for a Newly Constructed Home

Buying your new home is one of the most exciting events of your life. It gives you an opportunity to live your dream. It is a blank canvas where you can pick out customized countertops, floor coverings, paint colors, lighting fixtures, and just about anything you like. However, before you plan the house warming party […] [...]

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COVID-19 Precautions for Home Inspector, Buyers, & Sellers

At present, due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19, there is a strict requirement for practicing social distance at all times. It means only the home inspector is allowed on site and the customers must not attend any kind of inspections. We must take extreme precautionary measures to conduct a home inspection in San […] [...]

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5 Smart Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Home selling isn’t as smooth as getting a deal. For sellers, the home inspection is like an examination wherein people visit your home and look into every corner to rate you. They check closets, turn on every nozzle, flush toilets, and get into every tiny detail of your home. You need to assure your potential […] [...]

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5 Perks of a Pre-sale Home Inspection in San Antonio, TX

Thinking of selling your home? You can boost the chances of a smooth and swift sale by opting for a pre-sale Home Inspection in San Antonio, Tx.   Home inspections aren’t only for buyers. Home sellers can also enjoy a state of comfort by opting for a professional home inspection before listing their home for […] [...]

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