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How Crucial A Property Inspection Can Be For Home Buyers?

  Will this roof survive the next hurricane? What if I want to extend the living room to build a patio? Which material is ideal for flooring? Many such confounding questions keep homebuyers busy as they look for an ideal property as their dream abode. You can seek answers from friends and other acquaintances but […] [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Avoid A Home Inspection?

Everyone wants to own a home but there is a lot of struggle that goes into finally signing the deal!  I’m sure there are many readers out there nodding in agreement.   However, one thing most of them must have realized, sooner or later, is the need to have a home inspection!   Of course, it is […] [...]

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5 Must-Know Home Inspection Tips for Buyers In San Antonio, Tx

Congratulations! Soon, you’re going to be a homeowner! After you’re done with all the celebrations, it’s the time to move to ‘Home Inspection’ which happens to be a crucial step in the entire process. From evaluating the home from a structural perspective to ensuring you are buying a hazard-free property, home inspection in San Antonio, […] [...]

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4 Considerations When Seeking House Inspection Company in San Antonia

We Strive to Elevate Homes, Neighbourhoods and Communities.” That’s the mission statement of our company, Launch Property Group. My wife and I started the company together [...]

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