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What Should Be In Your Home Inspection Checklist?

Buying your dream house may call for a celebration, but you’re not done just yet.  Probably, you may have to face dozens of repairs before shifting in your new home.  Hire a home inspection company in San, Antonio, TX to ensure your new castle is free from annoying issues.

Here’s a home inspection checklist for reference when you are reviewing your newly-bought property:

1.   Home exteriors

To examine the overall condition of the property, home exteriors are the most obvious aspect to take care of, in the first place. Areas to cover are your garden, drainage system, the foundation, walls, garage, and many other things.

Home exteriors checklist includes:

  • Drainage should be away from the property
  • No standing water issues
  • No leaks from septic tanks
  • The garden should be in good condition
  • Structures such as fences, decks, walls, garages in good condition.
  • No termite damage
  • Railings on decks are adequate and secure
  • No stains on walls
  • No flaking of paint from walls
  • Gutters should be well covered

Do consider all these points while examining the home exteriors.

2. Attic

One of the unnoticed parts of a home is an attic. However, it can hold important evidence that can make or break the deal.

While examining the attic, consider the following points:

  • Well installed insulation
  • Adequate ventilation
  • No damage to the structure
  • No plumbing or appliance vents ending in the attic
  • Covered electrical wires

3.   Electrical & plumbing

Any home inspection should thoroughly evaluate plumbing and electrical work. The buyer should look at the age and expected lifespan of all the parts and components.

Importantly, they should pay attention to certain areas of concern.

A. Examine the HVAC system:  HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. While examining, a professional inspector should check air circulation, ventilation, filters, the presence of rust, odor, and more of the system.

B. Electrical system: Consider the following checks:
  • Do all the switches function?
  • Are all the wires well insulated?
  • No overheating of fuses
  • Proper service cables and entrance conductors.
  • Light fixtures and power switches
  • Overcurrent and Overvoltage protection devices
  • Electrical Earthing
  • Outlet points should be tested properly
C. Plumbing system: This check should be a broad one. Consider the following points:
  • Check out the piping material used for washing, drinking, cleaning, and draining purposes.
  • Accessibility to plumbing fixtures including taps, water inlet, and outlet valves, flushers, showers, sinks, traps, etc.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Ensure the water pump is working properly.
  • No signs of corrosion on water heaters.
  • Adequate water supply.
  • Good drainage system.

4. Home interiors

This is a wider area of inspection that includes the rooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

For home interiors, there is a lot to think about as there can be many underlying issues that are not visible. The checklist should cover:

A. Rooms: Consider the following checks:

  • No cracks on the floors
  • No blisters or stains on walls
  • Fully ventilated windows
  • Well, operating doors
  • Well-maintained switches and lights
  • No closet damage
  • Good room size

B. Kitchen: Since the kitchen is the core of every home, examine it carefully.

  • Adequate storage
  • Proper functioning of appliances
  • Ventilation
  • Proper drainage facility
  • Chimney facility

C. Bathroom: Bathroom issues can cost you a good amount, so vigilantly examine the following areas:

  • An exhaust fan that doesn't terminate in the attic
  • Adequate flow of water in all fixtures
  • Proper drainage facility
  • Good plumbing fixtures
  • No water leaks
  • Toilet operates properly
  • No stains on the bathtub

5. Windows, doors & roof

Some of the most expensive to repair or replace elements are windows, roofs & doors. So a home inspector should vigilantly evaluate the condition of these elements.

A. Roof: For the roof, the following are the checks:

  • Are there any stains, or moss?
  • Look for missing or cracked tiles
  • No silt deposits
  • No decay
  • The vents are clean
  • Gutters are not choked
  • Chimney in proper condition

B. Windows & doors: Perform the following checks:

  • No cracks on wooden frames
  • No broken windows
  • Signs of moisture around the frames or between the panes
  • Insulated window seals
  • Check all the tower bolts and hooks of the windows and doors
  • Proper operating doors

Wrap up

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life, so it's better to cover all the important aspects of the property inspection.  Hiring a professional home inspector is a worthy decision to avoid problems.

Prepare the home inspection checklist in advance to avoid misses that may prove too costly later. Request for a quote.

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